Category: Training Method

The training technique is surprisingly simple and takes less than 30 minutes for most dogs. We looked at various methods to help to try and prevent canine death and injury from snakebite. Having considered the options and travelled to see other trainers in action overseas we realised the e-collar method is the only viable and… [more]

Curiosity Can Kill

Owners are usually shocked. As our snake avoidance training begins 99% of dogs go straight up to the first snake (non venomous) it comes across. YES really, and imagine if that was a dugite or tiger snake rather than our friendly python. It makes you realize just how vulnerable dogs are to snakes – their… [more]

Aversion pros and cons

Aversion training for dogs – many are sceptical about the effectiveness of this training. Having been training here in Australia for over 3 years now we know very well that for most dogs, most of time it works very well indeed. We have had enough positive feedback where people have seen the aversion taking effect… [more]

Training in the USA

In order to offer the very best aversion training in Australia we travelled overseas to the US to meet other trainers. In the US it is quite common practice, often called snake proofing, and well known to dog owners both for their pets and working/hunting dogs. In New River Arizona we met and stayed with… [more]

Simple Training Best

In Palm Springs Southern California we met with Erick and Erin Briggs of Natural Solutions. We had the pleasure of meeting with and observing their team at work. We saw how a well-structured operation can successfully manage many dogs over a single day. It does NOT take long for the training to be effective. We… [more]