Simple Training Best

David Manning and Erick Briggs, Natural Solutions 2017In Palm Springs Southern California we met with Erick and Erin Briggs of Natural Solutions. We had the pleasure of meeting with and observing their team at work. We saw how a well-structured operation can successfully manage many dogs over a single day. It does NOT take long for the training to be effective.

We now realize, as we had expected, that you should not expose the dog to too many ‘targets’ at once. So if you want dogs to be aversion trained to lizards or other wildlife, you should do it on another date, one short session at a time for each animal. Don’t confuse the dog with multiple items on a single day. It’s too much and dogs learn best in short sessions.

Keep it simple, keep it quick and refresh train annually for a few years to get the best protection from snakes for your dog.

David Manning: Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) endorsed and licensed Reg 17 (Snake Handling) trainer; DPaW Reg 16 Wildlife for Education & Display; Cert IV T&A Training and Assessment; Fellow ZSL London, Churchill Fellow; Executive Member of Native Animal Rescue Perth; Parks and Wildlife registered Wildlife Rehabilitator; Animal Actors and Trainers Association (UK) 1984 – 2006.