Training in the USA

Animal Ark visiting Jim Walkington of Viper Voidance, Senoran Desert, ArizonaIn order to offer the very best aversion training in Australia we travelled overseas to the US to meet other trainers. In the US it is quite common practice, often called snake proofing, and well known to dog owners both for their pets and working/hunting dogs.

In New River Arizona we met and stayed with Jim Walkington of Vipervoidance.

Jim has been training dogs to avoid snakes for many years. We saw him work with collies, x Chihuahua, dachshunds and heelers. Jim has become a great friend and was a generous teacher passing on so much information to us – this certainly will benefit many thousands of Australian pet and working dogs in the coming years.

Our ongoing studies (Jenny Seymour) are proving that refresher training reinforces the aversion technique. It works and works well. The only surprise really is that it is so new (2014+) to Australia. Jim has taught it for decades!