Let Sleeping Snakes…

Despite popular belief, snakes do not hibernate! Snakes and many other species actually torpor; a semi hibernation state where the snake wakes to eat, drink or bask in some sunshine.

Snakes are commonly referred to as cold blooded animals but the correct term is ectothermic;  this means these animals must rely mostly on external energy sources to regulate their body temperatures and metabolic rate.

Even though we use the term ‘snake season’, you can find snakes all year round. We were averaging three juvenile Dugite call outs a day up until the end of March so there are plenty around trying to find new homes.

Snakes can be found almost anywhere so it makes sense in bushland, dunes and other snakey areas to keep your dog on a lead and under control. Snakes do not actively go looking for dogs to bite but when you consider dogs amazing sense of small paired with some curiosity it can land them in potentially dangerous situations.

Here at Animal Ark we train dogs to avoid the smell of snakes using electronic stimulation. We teach them to associate that ‘snakey’ smell with an unpleasant experience so that ultimately they learn snakes should be left alone!