Keeping Snakes Away

Junkyard environment - habitat preferred by snakesSnakes like: messy yards, mice and rats, bush blocks, acreage, mice and rats, farms and agricultural areas, long grass, chooks, aviaries, water, frogs, mice and rats. Sheets of tin, junk (mice and rats) and cover to hide and live in. Don’t forget mice and rats!

Snakes don’t like: kookaburras, monitors (bungarras), tidy yards, clean smells, open spaces, excessive heat or cold. Also don’t like people with shovels, dogs, cats and other things that scare them or investigate them or hunt them or chase them or lunge at them or tower over them. Keep rodents under control.

The best pest control does NOT involve baits. These toxic baits will also kill potential snake predators that would otherwise hunt snakes! There are some fantastic self setting humane rodent traps on the market.