Just a quick note to let you know that before Riley did the training course we hadn’t seen a snake on any of our walks, however since – we have seen 3!!! lol

I do want to tell you about the second time as it was a reflection of Rileys training that she learnt from you. We were heading back up the path at the Rockingham dog beach and Riley barked and jumped back from a snake moving along the green garden mesh that stops the sand from covering the path – the snake was dune side, so no-one was in imminent danger. However Rileys reaction was all we could have hoped for from her training and I am certain she is in a better position to remove herself from harmful situations in the future.

Just wanted to say thanks and give you this feedback.

Damien and Riley the Red Heeler

Thanks guys, Clancy and I did your course and a few months later we had an encounter with a dugite on our veranda. Clancy a JR has an inclination to attack skinks so I was surprised and relieved to hear him give a growl, back off and stand in the point position. On calling him he immediately returned to my side. Cheers and thanks. Bob

Bob and Clancy the Jack Russell Terrier

Just a quick note of thanks for the Snake Avoidance Training for Dogs class you did in Margs on Monday this week. As David said – humans get programmed by TV and social media to be afraid of snakes, dogs don’t. Of course they’ll be inquisitive. I wanted to say I found it very professionally done and would definitely recommend your class to people.

Truffle Farmer, South West WA

Probably three weeks after the training we had an actual encounter out on the farm with a live snake.

Normally she would go straight for the snake, but she saw it and she stopped and she took a really wide berth, maybe 15 or 20m around and away from it, and just sat and watched it until it departed.

It was worth every cent.

Monique Halliday (veterinarian) & Bindi, kelpie

Your training is a wonderful win-win solution to a very concerning problem.

Jane & Pepe

We are so glad we got her trained, as we came across a big dugite last summer, and if it hadn’t been for Dimi stopping in her tracks, I probably would have stepped on it not paying attention, so definitely well worth it!

NF & Dimi, kelpie x

I can highly recommend Animal Ark snake avoidance training; my Kelpie cross Ruby, 9 months old and a very full on dog, wouldn’t chase sheep up the race the other day because there was a dugite up there. Couldn’t have asked for a better reaction; we didn’t see it at first, but she knew it was there.

Kylie & Ruby, kelpie x

Millie was barking at the rose bush area and backed right off/away. We went out to check and saw a dugite there. The dog did not go near it. We are thrilled that the training worked.

Bev & Millie, Jack Russell x

In a flash I watched a snake slither past Derby and was pleased to see her stay at a distance even though she normally likes to chase all that moves. Interestingly she must have associated the snake with the training because she kept jumping in the air while sniffing the ground where the snake had just passed over. Obviously a very strong memory association and a very positive outcome. So glad we did the training last year.

Helen & Derby, Labrador x retriever

We walked Rundle today out at the windfarms and came across 2 snakes on the path. Both times he kept a wide safe distance, 4 months old Lab X Collie pup. Thank you guys!

Ellie & Rundle

Not long ago our STB Molly attended your snake avoidance training. We thought you might like to know that today she came upon 2 entwined dugites down by the beach. She was off lead and looked at them, sniffed the air then kept going.

Janine & Molly